Aims and Scope

LDR is an interdisciplinary journal centering on terrestrial ecosystems degradation and restoration related research topics that cover a wide range of topics as follows:

  • Soil degradation (water and wind erosion, soil pollution, soil physical and biological degradation and etc.)
  • Climate change, drought, desertification, and dust storm
  • Land use and land cover changes in natural and agricultural ecosystems
  • Restoration of  rangeland, forestland, desert and other terrestrial ecosystems 
  • Causes and impacts of land degradation
  • Evaluation and monitoring of degraded land (Remote sensing, GIS, Geoinformatics, Eco-Informatics, Modeling and other new technologies and tools)
  • Management and improvement of degraded land
  • Socio-economoc issues of degradation and restoration
  • Ecohydrology of degraded ecosystems
  • Restoration of national parks and protected areas