Journal of Land Degradation and Restoration (LDR) is a biannual blind peer-reviewed journal established in 2018 and published by the University of Zabol (UOZ) press. The LDR is an open-access journal published in English. The journal's goal is to select and publish high-quality research outputs and introduce them to the international academic community. It publishes original research findings and invited review articles on selected topics.


LDR is an interdisciplinary journal centering on land degradation and terrestrial ecosystems restoration related research topics that cover a wide range of topics as follows:

  • Soil degradation (water and wind erosion, soil pollution, soil physical and biological degradation and etc.)
  • Climate change, drought, desertification, and dust storm
  • Land use and land cover changes in natural and agricultural ecosystems
  • Restoration of  rangeland, forestland, desert and other terrestrial ecosystems 
  • Causes and impacts of land degradation
  • Evaluation and monitoring of degraded land (Remote sensing, GIS, Geoinformatics, Eco-Informatics, Modeling and other new technologies and tools)
  • Management and improvement of degraded land
  • Socio-economoc issues of degradation and restoration
  • Ecohydrology of degraded ecosystems
  • Restoration of national parks and protected areas


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